About Us

Hello Everyone 

Firstly thanks for stopping by website.. I would like to welcome you to the world of all things gorgeous.

My name is Jade is 25 and work from a purpose built pink studio in Kent, I have asperger's syndrome which is what makes me a person i am special as i am told 

My business first started in 2012 when i posted some little stickers i had made myself on my cake business page and everyone nuts on them - I started getting 100s of orders for mini stickers for my freinds cake boxes, I then started to get more and more orders for all things stationery and so The Cupcake Company was born.

As my business grew i had no time to bake anymore with the launch of more and more gorgeous stationery products - As i had a printer running all day to work on orders i thought i would purchase an edible printer, Since then we process 100s of edible print orders a week and worked with clients such as JLS and london fashion week.

As we grew even further we purchased a purpose built studio and professional stationery printers to produce gorgeous design for customers all over the world.

Don't think our designs are just for cake business, We work with business from all over the world including craft business, swimming schools, and lots of marketing agencys with our edible prints.